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The Economy Drivers of our Region

It is incredible to think of the vast impact that the South West dairy industry has. Approximately 22% of all milk produced within Australia comes from this region. Not only is dairy a major employer in the region, it is estimated that the industry directly injects $775 million back into the community.

Key facts to consider from the Great South Coast dairy industry:
• 1171 dairy farms
• 2 billion litres of milk produced annually
• Directly creates just under 10,000 jobs
• $969,000,000 value of milk leaving farms

How has COVID19 effected the dairy industry at present? According to Dairy Australia, the industry has seen a significant increase in the sales of dairy products, not just long life milk but cheese, fresh milk and butter. It makes sense who wouldn’t want a nice cheese platter whilst saying at home! I am thinking other industries which produce wine and sundried tomatoes have seen increased sales also!

Population is another major driver in the economy of a region. Which is why the retention and attraction of people to the Great South Coast is so important.

Future population forecasting predicts Australia has a decade of economic and population growth and this region has the potential to attract more investment and population. Early predictions on population trends within the region, show the population decreasing in the peak work/spending areas of 25 to 45 due to economic effects of COVID-19.

In light of COVID-19 and all the learnings surrounding social distancing, the trend of people living in larger metropolitan areas may be reversed and now is the time to be promoting this region.

From the slower pace of living, affordable housing, excellent education opportunities, space to live and explore.

We need to be bold in telling the story of our region. Not humble.

From inspired to educated and informed, the program day will once again have a positive impact on the participant’s leadership journey and will leave them with a greater understanding of the economy drivers within this incredible region of the Great South Coast.

Kara Winderlich, 2020 Participant

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