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Data – it’s your past, present and future

Data is something we all use, and we collect, but it probably isn’t something that you think about often, or that gets you excited. However data underpins decisions that shape our community, and even our lives, in every possible way. From our shopping habits, to where we live, to what services our community needs, data collected and data modelling will determine future direction.

Speaker Simon Kuestenmacher, Co-Founder and Director of Research at The Demographics Group had us getting excited about data, and what the future may hold with some very interesting statistics. We learned ‘the aging of the Australian population has just begun’ and with that, what the future may look like, and what services will be pushed beyond their limits such as healthcare. The data tells us in 2023 there are over 550,000 people in Australia aged over 85. There will be an additional 15,000 people added to this pool this year and this number will increase dramatically as our baby boomers continue to age. Of those 50% will require assistance of some sort. Using this data, we can see the healthcare sector will require more services, funding and employees to help fill the need that this aging society will require. We have seen the healthcare and social assistance workforce has grown from 8% to 15% in the past 20 years, and we know that will only need to increase in order to look after our aging population.

Knowing this information should assist governments and councils in their planning processes and budget allocations, giving more money to attract and retain staff in the aged care sector. This will greatly benefit our local communities.

By collecting and analysing data, businesses, councils and governments can make more informed decisions and plan for a better, more connected future for their communities.

Many thanks to our speakers Simon Kuestenmacher, Lisa McLeod, Co-Founder Populus Data and Claire Dagley, 2022 Alumni.

Alexandra Stoupas – 2023 Program Participant


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