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Governance – The role you are meant to be in!

It turns out that if you have determination, passion, and a life-based skillset, you can get into governance and contribute to positive change. That is right, boards and committees are looking for people like you right now! I’m not suggesting that you call your nearest multi-national mining company and tell them to save you a place at the board room table (though this is achievable), but I am suggesting you can have an enormous positive impact on your community by sitting on one of your local committees and/or boards including CWA, kindergarten/schools boards, lions club as a few obvious choices. Here you can work with like-minded people to have your say, working with continued improvement in mind for these organisations and community groups.

You could also get really serious and consider applying for a seat on a government based not-for-profit board such as a hospital or TAFE board, though keep in mind there is generally more experience and accreditation required combined with an application and interview process. Here you can help to facilitate change on a larger scale within your community.

And then, if you happen to love it so much that you want to get reimbursed for your time, paid board positions do exist with larger private enterprises and organisations and generally require formal qualifications like the AICD Company Directors course to be completed along with extensive experience prior to application.

I can tell that you are already excited to make change and to help the community, but there are a few things that you need to bear in mind.

  1. Good governance is not easy, it takes work
  2. Be passionate about your cause
  3. Have an exit strategy before you get involved, and
  4. Governance is an evolving practice

Keeping this advice in mind, the final ingredient that creates high quality governance is diversity, which is why you should apply. You and your story could be what is needed in the board/committee you’re interested in.

Go and apply, make that positive change!

Jason Van Der Heyden, 2020 LGSC Participant

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