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How to help others and get happy in the process!

Volunteers… they are the rock that our community groups and community fabric is built on. When you picture a volunteer you see meals-on-wheels drivers, coaches at the local sporting club or a cake stand at the school fete.

Have you ever considered how much volunteering you have done in your life? You may be quite surprised, as our 2020 LGSC participants were at our recent program day on the benefits of volunteering and the arts.

Numerous studies have proven that volunteering supports positive mental health – it is a great way to engage in your local community and increase your sense of social connection, provides internal satisfaction and can also be a great way to learn new skills that can be transferred into the paid workplace.

But what really speaks volumes is the 1996 study which found that volunteering is the second greatest source of joy, coming in only behind dancing! When all the benefits are considered it is a hard sell not to get involved and become a volunteer.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is may seem that a lot of volunteering opportunities are not currently available, but local organisation Volunteer Connect provides an easy platform to support you to find the right project or organisation where you can lend a hand.

So whilst some may decide that the foxtrot or the fandango may be for them, consider volunteering to not only help someone in need of a hand, but to help yourself towards happiness.

Liam Arnott, 2020 LGSC Participant

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