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The Power of Project Management

Date: Friday 19 May 2023

Location: Hamilton Institute of Rural Learning, Hamilton

Facilitator: Jenny Holliday, Non Profit Training

Syndicate Team: Chris, Claudia, Jo-Anne and Nicole


Purpose: This Program Day will demonstrate the importance of project management capabilities.

Leadership Development: As a leader you will enhance and develop project management skill.

Personal Development: You will reflect on your role in a project team.


Participant reflections, learnings and key takeaway messages:

“Prepare well and thoroughly to set a project up for success.”

“Set good expectations, be prepared, have good resources and goals, good communication is key.”

“Critically think about the project, spend time planning will save heartache in the long run.”

“Preparation and the setting of SMART goals is key to ensure the forward momentum of a project.”

“I liked the curious questions Jenny provided and plan to use these in my work/volunteering life.”


Curious questions:

    • Help me to understand…
    • Where in the process will you be …
    • Can you define … for me
    • If ‘this’ happened, what would you do?

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