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The Power of Voice

When you think of the Arts what comes to mind? Beauty, awe, inspiration, intrigue, and passion perhaps. How about the power of the message, or the voice of the arts and what is conveys about our community? The Tin Shed Singers certainly have the power of voice, singing ‘The Warrnambool Anthem’ and ‘We are the Sheddies’ with conviction, vigour and joy. The camaraderie of what it means to be in a local men’s singing group was strong. The Sheddies are one of eighteen singing groups in the Warrnambool region and Phil Shaw expressed beautifully the power of community voice to transform lives and it made me wonder how strong our community voice is to do just that – transform lives.

As community leaders are we using our voice with conviction, vigour and joy to transform lives in our community? Are we harnessing the creativity and innovation within to ensure we have a thriving, vibrant, resilient community that embraces individuality and connects people through unique experiences? The Warrnambool region is certainly creating opportunity to do just that. The street art, singing groups, live performances, exhibitions and creative textiles are examples of how local, and further afield artists, are bringing a sense of pride and identity to our community. Using the arts to tell our story and to build the future narrative of who and what we are as community is to be embraced.

As leaders lets unite and gather, bring in and embrace the many voices to share the rhythm, beat and vibe; to embrace the unique, creative and innovative; to tell the stories and build a rich, thriving, resilient and connected community that transforms lives.


Kate Roache, 2019 Program Particpant

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