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Application and Selection Process

This is not a standard leadership program. It is a Community Leadership experience and it’s available to those who are ready to rise to the challenge.


Places in the LGSC Community Leadership Program are competitive and limited to a max of 18 participants annually. To ensure high quality participants from diverse backgrounds our application and selection process is robust and transparent (outlined below).

Read FAQs LGSC Program Applicants 2022

Stage 1 – Online Application 2021 Applicants FAQ’s
Stage 2 – Shortlisting
Stage 3 – Interview Process
Stage 4 – Offers made

Note participants will be chosen on merit and their overall fit with the group.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria for the annual Leadership Great South Coast Community Leadership Program include:

  • Potential to contribute significantly to the Great South Coast community
  • Ability to commit the required time and energy to the program and to engage as an active learner
  • Proven leadership record OR aspirations with potential for further growth
  • Potential to progress to senior positions in your chosen sector – community organisations, academia, industry, business, or government
  • Potential to commit time and energy to leading your community in the future

Your Investment

Leadership Great South Coast is a Not for Profit organisation that operates on the generosity of our Program partners.


With the exception of scholarship recipients, we ask each participant to pay a subsidised fee of
$3,300 + GST
payable upon acceptance into the Program.

In return, Program participants undertake a unique learning journey valued at $8,500 per person.

Note – Fees may be paid by the individual or their employer prior to program commencement.


Leadership Great South Coast offers over $30,000 scholarships annually.

2022 Program Scholarships/*criteria:

  • Community Bank Port Fairy Branch – Bendigo Bank – 1 x $3,300 (Community – Available to Port Fairy & District residents)
  • Wannon Water – 1 x $3,000 (Diversity)
  • Corangamite Shire – 1 x $3,300 (available to Corangamite Shire residents)
  • CFA Volunteer Funded Place – 1 x 3,300 (open to CFA volunteers from across the Great South Coast region)
  • Gardiner Foundation Funded Place – 2 x $3,300 (Dairy Industry specific)
  • The Hugh Williamson Foundation – 1 x $3,300 (General)
  • Leadership Great South Coast – 1 x $1,650 (General) 
  • Denis Tricks AM – 1 x $3,000 (State-wide application process for a young leader)
  • South West Community Foundation – 1 x $3300 (General)

At LGSC we believe that our Program fee should not restrict appropriate candidates from applying. If the Program fee is an issue for you please advise at the time of application and indicate your intention to apply for a scholarship via your online application form.

Note – Each scholarship application is assessed on a case by case basis against scholarship *criteria. Participant gap fees payment (of $300 + GST Full Scholarship or $1650 + GST Part Scholarship) is required prior to Program start (February annually).

Our Executive Officer Amanda Hennessy is available to discuss your application and provide scholarship criteria. Please do not hesitate to call 0408 627 066 if you need any further information.

How To Apply 

July/Aug – Over $25,000 of scholarships are announced annually

3 August –  2022 Program Applications Open

As our scholarships are sought after we strongly suggest you put in your scholarship app by 25 September.

31 October – Applications Close


*Applicants will be short listed by the selection panel made up of members of the LGSC Board and LGSC Alumni. Interviews will take place in October/November. Up to 18 applicants will be offered a place in the program.

If you are unsuccessful in the application process we encourage you to applying again in the future as places are limited annually.

2022 Program Application are Now Open

Instructions – before you start:

  1. Read FAQs LGSC Program Applicants 2022
  2. Download and save the LGSC-Employer_Statement-Template prior to completing your application
  3. Download and save the LGSC-Employment_Education_Statement-Template prior to completing your application

The online application requires both templates to be completed and uploaded as part of your application. Note you won’t be able to progress to SUBMIT until you upload the completed forms x 2.

If you have any issues with the application form, please contact LGSC 0408627066

to complete your Online Application 


TIP – When you click SUBMIT at the end of the online form you will go to a confirmation webpage… for your records DOWNLOAD a PDF of your submitted application at this point.


Program Breakdown / Requirements 

    • Opening Residential Retreat (Friday/Saturday residential) Feb – compulsory
    • Average of two Program Days per month (which may include field trips)
      • 100% attendance target with a min 80% attendance required to graduate
    • Mid Program Retreat July (Friday/Saturday) – compulsory
    • Council meeting attendance (outside scheduled Program Days) Aug date TBC
    • Field Trip to Victorian Parliament – September
    • Closing Retreat Nov (Friday/Saturday residential) – compulsory
    • Team community project
      • Commencement of a community project completed in personal time
      • Actively and equitably contribute to team community project
      • Completion of community project in personal time by Graduation (hours vary)

LGSC Learning Environment Requirements

    • Completion of a personalised Learning Agreement doc
    • Active and regular engagement on LGSC online platform SLACK http://www.slack.com/
    • Program Day/Retreat preparation including Program Day online surveys and written reflections (compulsory)
      • Considered preparation and reflection will take a min of 3 – 5 hours per week
    • Proactively contribute to buddy and syndicate group structures and relationships
    • Prepare in advance for syndicate roles and read/refer to LGSC Syndicate Book
    • Complete employer/sponsor photo story reports mid-year (June) and end of year (Nov) in LGSC template


Program Days are themed to cover relevant topics and issues for the Great South Coast from Healthy Communities, Skilling our Region, the Economy, Climate Adaptation, the Arts, Futures Thinking to Nature Based Tourism and local Indigenous Culture. These topics are aligned to the Great South Coast Strategic Plans. Local and state leaders and content experts address the participants on the topics. See our Speakers and Latest News tabs for more information.

The Program also has imbedded topics including but not limited to leadership skills and knowledge, ethical leadership, emotional and social intelligence, change management, project management, cultural awareness, adaptive fearless leadership, working with government and lobbying.

Prior to the Opening Retreat our facilitator profiles each participant and provides a personalised report on motivational strengths and challenges. The personalised report is used as a reference throughout the Program and is reviewed at the Closing Retreat.

The LGSC Program aligns to the www.ral.orga.au state-wide Learning and Development Framework.



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