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2023 Year Book

2023 LGSC Community Climate Network Scoping Project

Click here to download the 2023 LGSC Community Climate Network Scoping Project:

2022 LGSC Year Book

2022 LGSC Fundraising Guide

Click here to download the 2022 LGSC Fundraising Guide:

2021 Year Book

2020 Year Book

2019 Year Book

‘I’m looking froward to my future in the Great South Coast …to being more of me…that serves the others and not myself” 
Kate 2019 Alumni

“What the LGSC  Program offers can only increase the prosperity of our fabulous resource rich region driving it into the future”
Andrew 2019 Alumni

2018 Year Book

“Leadership in its truest form is aboutgiving; giveing of time, resources, skills and more importantly of ourselves”
Blessing 2018 Alumni

“LGSC enables me to educate and advocate for the dairy industry”
Lauren 2018 Alumni


2017 Year Book

“LGSC challenged me to consider ‘what is my core purpose as a leader?'”
Jordan 2017 Alumni

“I now feel capable in my ability to be a leader and cannot wit to see what the future holds”
Jacinta 2017 Alumni


2016 Year Book

“I am now a confident community leader who is enthusiastic about creating long-lasting change in the southwest”
Carly 2016 Alumni

” I thought I couldn’t actually be changed but LGSC showed me I could, not only could but could continue to be”
Paul 2016 Alumni


2015 Year Book

“Everyone should have the opportunity to complete this Program.”
Gareth 2015 Alumni

“LGSC delivers all that it promises and so much more. It truly is life changing.”
Alison 2015 Alumni

 2014 Year Book

“Always thinking global now.”
Carolyn 2014 Alumni

“Know yourself, know who you’re working with and BE passionate.”
Kelly 2014 Alumni

LGSC-2013-Year-Book-WEB-A-22013 Year Book

“The LGSC Program has provided me with the skills to successfully transition from employee to partner.”
David 2013 Alumni

“The LGSC Program challenges your ideas, beliefs, ethics and thinking – just brilliant!”
Sally 2013 Alumni

LGSC-2012-Year-Book-WEB-A-12012 Year Book

“The Program exceeded my every expectation. It has already been life changing for me, I feel privileged to have been part of it.”
Michelle 2012 Alumni

“Being part of the LGSC Program has been an amazing experience that has changed my life.”
Ryan 2012 Alumni

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