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Plan For The Best


“I need this done today!” We’re all tasked, or task others with projects every day. But what’s our plan? How are we getting there? Effective project management, particularly of larger scale projects relies on careful, thoughtful planning.

Our poll of eighteen budding project managers showed their top three concerns for disruption on projects currently underway, are resource management (people and things), communication (again people but also the physical constraints of the current COVID-19 crisis) and scope creep of projects. These concerns are no different to those often encountered in the professional world, with polls on the topic usually highlighting the same concerns.

Therefore for a project to be delivered in an economic, timely and successful manner, it is arguably more important to place emphasis on the planning of team members strengths and weaknesses as it is on the planning of budget and time constraints.

Experienced project managers say the 80/20 rule applies. Eighty percent of your woes result from failings in the twenty percent planning phase. Whatever your project, take time to make a plan and consider that the effective management of team members abilities will positively impact financial and time constraints.

Dom Conheady
2020 Participant


Playing the Game – Media Management


Effective media management in a 24/7 news cycle is a leadership skill! Post our recent Program Day I reflected, what is the deal with social media……it’s like a game of cards – you’re either in or you’re either out!

Who do I need to follow and on what social media platform should I be engaging on – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter and then there’s group chats!!

Navigating through and managing today’s media is a great skill many leader’s exhibit. The effective use of social media shows the world, how you want to be perceived. It talks to your brand.

Building and maintaining good relations with the media is essential for all leaders – it’s a win win, we need them as much as they need us.

Creating a brand and engaging with the community is key for consultation and will help in promoting projects and dispersing information to our key stakeholders and the community.

Social media provides us with an opportunity to engage with community and various demographics. It easily allows us to use different mediums and content to distribute information and to gain support.

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.” – Dave Willis.org

Craig Kelson, 2020 Participant


Community Leadership in Action


When people come together to work towards a common purpose great things can happen.

At LGSC we have four dynamic project teams working towards creating change in our Community.
Each team is diverse, providing valuable perspectives based on their own unique set of skills, experiences, backgrounds and cultures.

Each team is passionate about creating change and supporting the communities in which we love to live, work and play! That’s what the community leadership in action program day is all about – we get to delve into the synergy of creative thoughts and ideas, define concepts and as a group decide on which projects would provide the most benefit to our communities now and in the future.

We look forward to our learnings as we progress with our projects, an experience which will potentially be very different to what we could have anticipated. We will no doubt get a little outside our comfort zones during this process, and that’s where we grow, expand our beliefs and develop new skills.

The 2020 projects will acknowledge culture, start conversations, acknowledge our culture and history and support those vulnerable members of our community.

We love were we live and we feel grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference to create a bigger, better future for our communities.


Andrew Povey LGSC Alumni Blog


If you had have told me that I would address over fifty community minded attendees of an Ovarian Cancer fundraising luncheon two years ago I would have fallen over backwards.

Well on Tuesday 18th February 2020 in Coleraine I was honored to be asked  just that, yes to talk at the annual luncheon which Coleraine Lions Club organize in memory of my mother, Jenny Povey who lost her battle with ovarian cancer in  2015.

I was approached in early January by a member of the Lions Club to see if I would be guest speaker at the luncheon and for some reason I said yes before asking what they wanted me to talk about. Fortunately, they did not ask me to talk about my mother’s journey nor cancer as I would have really struggled, they simple said: “You choose the topic”.

The start of my address was around community spirit and volunteerism, this then lead into domestic violence, focusing mainly on family violence as well as violence against women. My closing subject was social connection. The talk went for about 10 minutes and I feel it went well by the tears that I see in my family’s eyes.  When I was leaving, I was asked by Coleraine RSL Sub Branch to be their guest speaker at the Dawn Service in April, so either they are desperate for a speaker, or maybe Leadership Great South Coast has made me a better person.

Without the skills, knowledge, confidence and empowerment that Leadership Great South Coast gave me in 2019, I don’t think that I would have been capable of engaging this audience.

I sincerely thank you all – Andrew Povey

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